Project: Anti-Trafficking Task Force Grant Evaluation(s)

Customer: DC Metropolitan Police Department (MPD)

Prime Contractor: Business Promotion Consultants, Inc. (BPC)

Subcontractor:  None

Project Description

The Challenge: 

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) awarded to MPD a sequential series of multi-year grants to fund the “Law Enforcement and Service Providers Multidisciplinary AntiTrafficking Task Force”. With this funding, MPD placed an organizational focus on reducing human trafficking (both sexual and labor trafficking). A key aspect of this focus was establishing increased cooperation between governmental and nongovernmental organizations in the prosecution of traffickers, the identification of trafficking victims, and the provision of services to trafficking victims. The grants also required MPD to obtain an independent evaluation of MPD’s Task Force operations and results.

The Work:

In accordance with the terms of each grant, MPD engaged BPC to evaluate the Task Force’s operation and results, and to produce the requisite reports. BPC focused on the coordinative aspects of the Task Force, rather than on outcomes or impact.

The Benefits:

Over the years, BPC has evaluated and reported on the design, development, and maturation of the Task Force, and has observed the integration of its values and processes into the core operations of MPD.