Project: Job Order Contracting (JOC) System Implementation

Customer: DC Public Schools (DCPS)

Prime Contractor: The Gordian Group (TGG)

Subcontractor:  Business Promotion Consultants, Inc. (BPC)

Project Description

The Challenge:  

DCPS desired to reduce the backlog of deferred maintenance throughout its facilities infrastructure. The optimal solution would be to manage and mobilize multiple contractors across all trades to accomplish many small jobs simultaneously.

The Work:

BPC partnered with TGG, and we were selected to implement a JOC program on behalf of DCPS. TGG is an application service provider, and although they didn’t invent JOC (the US Army Corps of Engineers did), TGG commercialized it, installing their JOC program in more than 100 of the largest school districts, nationally. BPC supported TGG’s building of their DC “price book”, reflecting the local (DC) cost of branded building materials and components favored by DCPS. BPC also supported TGG in identifying and recruiting small, local, and minority-owned general and specialty construction firms who competed for DCPS contracts to perform the backlog of small-scale maintenance that defined the scope of the planned $34 million/year JOC program. BPC was on the selection committee that recommended award of 13 contracts. Eight of the prospective 13 JOC contractors were MBE firms.

The Benefits:

The strength and diversity of the JOC contractor pool exceeded DCPS’ expectations. The TGG/BPC team continued JOC operations until a transition in Washington DC’s mayoral administration changed the priority of the DCPS facilities organization away from reducing deferred maintenance, and toward a concentration on new construction.